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Kae Sutherland

Entrepreneur. Best known as owner and founder of the trendy jewelry line 4Ever with Everyone. Kae also founded the social media company A-Sociaal MEdia. Kae Sutherland (@kaesutherland) is a Dutch Blogger and a digital influencer with a wide reach Instagram account. She currently posted over 1.600 posts for 11.2071 followers. Kae currently holds spot 268 when it comes amount of followers. A post generates an average of 1.400 comments and 11.222 likes. These numbers position her at a 183 spot for most likes per photo.

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Billie Rose

Rosanna began as one of the first beauty vloggers in the Netherlands.
Soon she decided to link her brand name to her own platform and shared her passion for beauty, fashion and her life in Amsterdam with her thousands of followers. In the meantime, Rosanna, together with her great love Milan and little Eloy, form a close family. Her family life is also shared extensively on YouTube and Instagram, which means that 'Billie Rose' can work with a diversity of brands!

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Dee van der Zeeuw

Dee (22) is at this moment the largest female Dutch influencer of The Netherlands. With over 1,2 million followers she reaches over 1/17 of the whole Dutch population. This 21 year old multi-talent is not only inspirator in the world of fashion but she is also a tv-host and singer.
Body positivity is a very important subject for Dee. She loves to motivate her followers to be happy the way they are.

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Elise & Vita

The two sisters Elise Boers en Vita Boers are together the BLONDE TIGERS. The live and work in Amsterdam. On their very popular youtube channel both sisters share their adventures with the world. More than 3 years they lived in New York whre the worked with brands like L’Oreal, Redken and Rituals. Since the summer of 2016 both sisters are back in Amsterdam. They worked as online presenters for TV-hir The Next boy/girlband. This provided them with a growth in popularity and online followers. Vita is a professional dancer. In her spare time she gives Rocycle lesions.

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Sophie May

25-year-old Sophie from Amsterdam is a creative mind and creator in heart and soul.In addition to running her own platforms, where she shares her personal view on fashion, food and lifestyle, she also followed a master in Communication Science and travels around the world.With her 140k followers on Instagram, Sophie shares outfit posts on a daily basis and tries to teach her followers that life is about fun and self confidence.

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Julia Mekkes

After studying law at the University of Amsterdam, Julia Mekkes (Amsterdam, 1992) is currently being trained as a lawyer at law firm Cheng. She lives with deejay and reality star Dave Roelvink in Landsmeer.

Between reading the bundles of laws, she shares her life as a fashion lover and business woman on Instagram and writes about it as a regular columnist in the Glamor. Julia shares her adventures with 70.000 followers on her Instagram account.

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Lynn van de Vorst

Creative mind Lynn van de Vorst (24 years old) started a blog after she came into contact with the subject 'Creative writing' during her Communication study. Her family and friends responded really well to her blogpostings so she decided to do something with this. Lynn is now a regular copywriter at Amayzine and writes personal and humorous captions under her Instagram postings. Lynn reaches tens of thousands of Dutch women daily through Instagram. Lynn is a positive, down to earth woman with a no-nonsense mentality. Her interests include fashion, interior and food.

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Co with the Flow

Colinda (31) is a flight attendent and shows the world to people in her vlog. She travels all over the world for her job and gives an insight in the flight attendants live. Co is known to use a lot of humor in her vlogs and has a passion for acting and theatre. Next to her regular vlog she has an online series about theatre and musical.

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Sylvana IJsselmuiden

TV-host Sylvana (24) is known for her outstanding knowledge about car racing and Formula 1. She is a reporter and presenter of the immensely popular website dumpert.nl and also hosts a YouTube channel called AutoBahn. Next to her job as presenter she is also a model, actrice and singer. She has done work for FHM, Xite, Omrop Fryslan, RTL4 LIfestyle experience and dumpert.

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Kaj van der Ree

Kaj debuted on youtube in 2013 with his own channel. In 2014 he launched the youtube channel ZU5E with two of his friends. Kaj was discovered by RTL MCN soon after launching the ZU5E channel. Now he presents different online programs for the RTL owned channels Concentrate and Concentrate Bold. In 2017 Kaj travelled to Indonesia for a documentary commissioned by Kidsright. Kaj also presents his own radio show on 3FM / BNNVARA. In 2017 he presented 3op reis midweek for the same broadcaster.

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Willem van Sas

Willem van Sas (30) a.k.a. Daddyhox is the first daddy vlogger of The Netherlands. He lives together with his wife Rachel van Sas (De Huismuts) and daughter Pip in Amsterdam. Willem shows in his vlog his perspective on family, lifestyle and adventure. He loves to travel with his family and is a big fan of extreme sports. Also Willem has a big passion for sports, skating, long-boarding, craft beers, whiskey's and cooking.

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